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Add a Multi-Section Page to Your Website

You can create a page and add different pages to it as sections. For example, a company can create a page called “Our Company” and add several pages (sections) to it, such as “About”, “Team”, "Contact”, and they will be displayed as one page.

To add a multi-section page:

  1. In the Editor, click on Pages.
  2. Click on the Arrow button pointing down next to the Add New Page button at the top.
  3. Select Add Multi-section page and enter the name of the page you want to add.
  4. To add sections to the page, click on the Sections button, then on Add New Section. 

  5. You can edit each section, change its design, and delete it. Click on the Gear Icon to hide the page from users and from mobile, add a slogan and duplicate the section.
  6. To change the order in which the sections appear, drag the section box and place it in your preferred order.

  7. You can convert an existing page to a multi-section page, by clicking the Gear Icon, then Convert to Multi-section page.

Please note:

  • The Multi-section option is only available for multi-page type websites. Read more about Changing Your Website Type.
  • The Multi-section page will not be displayed on the Homepage, it will appear on the Header Menu.
  • SEO settings are set for the Multi-section page itself, not per section.
  • E-commerce cannot be converted into a Multi-section page.
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