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Checking Your Form Messages

When clients have submitted form messages to you, you will receive them in two places - the entered email addresses and in your form messages list.

To check your form messages:

  1. Go to your website's Dashboard
  2. Under Activities you will see Form messages - Click on it. You will be able to check all form messages.
  3. You can change the status of every message to New, In Progress, Pending, Completed or Canceled.
  4. For more information, click on Info, and to delete a message, click on Delete.
  5. You can filter your messages by status and date.
  6. For your convenience, you can Export the messages into an Excel file (CSV format).
  7. In the Insights tab, you can monitor and analyze received messages. 

Please note:

  • To reply to the messages, go to the email you set as the Email Receiver and you will be able to reply to the messages from there. Websites without a Premium Package will need to go to their Dashboard to see the full message, while Premium users will be able to see the full message in their email.

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